Want to Scale Your Business Quickly?
Join us on publication launch day for

Want to Scale Your Business Quickly?
Join us on publication launch day for

Tuesday, April 11th

11:00 am to 3:00 pm EDT


Join us for the launch the newest book of Kim Walsh Phillips, 
The Shift: Scale Your Business and Multiply Your Wealth Without Sacrificing You, along with 20 leaders as they share the small shifts they made in business to generate big results.


Kim Walsh Phillips

Billion Dollar Launcher

Kevin O'Leary

Shark Tank's "Mr. Wonderful"

Justin Guarini

American Idol Season One and Broadway Star

Rich Schefren

Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits

Brian Kurtz

Entrepreneur & Membership Expert

Sarah Petty

CEO of the Joy of Marketing & Photographer

Aaron Stokes

Founder of Shop Fix Academy

Scott Whitaker

Membership Expert

Justin Konikow

Owner of Prime Real Estate Brokerage and Prime Media Productions

Bill Allen

Founder of 7 Figure Flipping and Blackjack Real Estate

Ramon Ray

Founder of Zone of Genius

Mike Michalowicz

Founder of Profit First

Suzanne Evans

Founder of Driven, Inc. and On-Stage Expert

Jana Danielson

Founder of the Metta District Wellness Community

Tristan & Sabrina Truscott

The Creators of the Satori Method™

Magda Castañeda

Director of Utopia Health Center

Dannella Burnett 

Founder and CEO of Speakers Need to Speak

Marty Elberg

Bucketlist Attorney

Vonzell Solomon

American Idol Season Four and Actor

Michael Strauch

Founder of The Closing Room

Tamra Andress

Podcaster, 3x Best Selling Author and Speaker

Glenn Lundy

Host of Breakfast With Champions and 800% Facebook Morning Show

Kate Volman

CEO of Floyd Consulting and co-host Delray Morning Live

Rachael Green

CEO of Rach Green Cocktails

Howard Globus

CEO of IT On Demand and Cyber Security Evangelist